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company news about What should be prepared before the construction of steel structure

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Company News
What should be prepared before the construction of steel structure
Latest company news about What should be prepared before the construction of steel structure

With the continuous development of modern economy, steel structure engineering has been widely used in engineering field because of its advantages such as fast construction speed, short period, high strength, easy prefabrication, installation, and large span of high-rise buildings.
However, in the past, a large number of reinforced concrete structures and prestressed concrete structures were adopted in China, and the on-site engineers and technicians lacked the construction experience of steel structure engineering. The quality of construction directly affected the safety of engineering structures.
Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the quality of steel structure engineering. It is of great practical significance and necessity to strengthen the construction quality control of steel structure engineering.



1 Construction preparation

Construction preparation is to create conditions for construction. It plays an important role in giving full play to the factors of human accumulation, reasonably organizing human and material resources, speeding up the progress of the project, providing construction quality, saving investment and materials, and successfully completing the task of steel structure construction.

1.1 Carefully complete the joint review and disclosure of construction drawings

Drawing is the basis of engineering construction, engineering project technical responsible person should organize the relevant technical personnel to review and digest the drawing division of labor, its purpose is to make the construction unit and the participating units familiar with the design drawings, understand the engineering characteristics and design intention, find out the technical problems that need to be solved, and develop solutions;Second, in order to solve the problems existing in the drawing, reduce the errors of the drawing, the hidden trouble of quality in the drawing is eliminated in the bud.At the same time do a good job in technical disclosure, do a good job in the combination of construction and design, do a good job in the combination of steel structure hoisting and civil construction, steel structure and concrete prefabrication.

1.2 Work out the construction organization design of steel structure engineering carefully

The construction organization design is an important comprehensive technical document which is compiled by the construction unit to guide the whole process of the project construction. It is a scientific management method.Construction units in the formulation of construction organization and construction plan, must be from man, machine, material, method, ring five aspects to establish feasible specific implementation, the implementation of the plan, the implementation of the organization, to carry out the self-inspection, mutual inspection and ZhuanJian, all easy to appear the quality problem in controlled state, to ensure that the technical measures are effective and feasible.In the preparation and implementation of the construction organization design process should be done extensive and in-depth research, to the construction personnel disclosure, so that everyone to check.In steel structure engineering, fabrication process and installation construction organization design should be worked out respectively for fabrication stage and installation stage.The production process shall include the quality standards and technical requirements of each process, each sub-item in the production stage, as well as the specific measures for the quality of _ products.The construction organization and design of steel structure installation engineering includes the establishment of quality system and technical management system, measures and methods of quality and progress control, and the arrangement of construction period.


2. Pay attention to the quality control of steel structure foundation engineering

The quality control of steel structure foundation engineering generally refers to the quality control of the embedded bolts of steel structure foundation. The embedded bolts are the first step of the whole project construction, which is also a very key step and the foundation of the whole project.When embedding bolts in the construction foundation, we should first be familiar with the drawings, understand the intention of the drawings, and make the installation template.Embedded bolts are positioned on the main bars and formwork of the columns with two mounting formwork and steel bars. Embedded bolts are not displaced by the construction of civil pouring concrete.In this way, the spacing and height between each group of bolts can be controlled within the allowable error range;At the same time, protect the bolt thread to prevent damage when the concrete is poured.After the completion of the civil works, check the elevation and axis of the anchor bolts with theodolite and level, and make a good record.And hand over the next working procedure acceptance.


3. Quality control of steel structure fabrication engineering

The construction of steel structure engineering usually goes through two stages: factory fabrication and site installation.Most of the time of steel structure engineering is carried out in the factory workshop. Because of the quality of steel structure components processed and manufactured in the factory, the on-site installation of steel structure engineering and the safety and stability of the whole structure are of great importance.Therefore, the steel structure manufacturing manufacturer has the corresponding enterprise qualification, production scale, technical ability, machinery and equipment and a good technological level.

The general production process of steel structure is divided into: lofting → blanking → splitting → cutting → erection → submerged arc welding → drilling → assembly → correction molding → rivet parts blanking → production and assembly → welding and welding inspection → antirust treatment, coating, number → member acceptance.In the production of steel structure, according to the production process of steel structure, we should grasp the key processes for quality control, such as the control of the processing of key parts, the main components of the process, measures, the use of processing equipment, technology and equipment.


4. Pay attention to the quality control of welding engineering

Welding engineering is a more important link in steel structure fabrication and installation engineering.At present, most of the steel structures are welded with automatic submerged arc welding machine, some with semi-automatic gas shielded welding machine, and some parts are welded by hand.Welding quality problems more exist in the manual weld, these problems include: welding bump, slag inclusion, porosity, no penetration, bite edge, wrong edge, weld size deviation, no arc plate, welding deformation is not corrected, spatter cleaning is not clean, etc..In view of this situation, the steel structure before welding, check the certificate of approval to the electrode, use according to the specifications, the holder of welder _ work license, weld surface must not have crack, flash, a, secondary weld shall have porosity, slag, crater crack, weld shall bite edge, under welding defects, such as a, level 2 weld nondestructive testing, in accordance with requirements in the weld and the parts of the rules to check the welder's seal.The unqualified welds shall not be disposed without authorization, and shall be disposed after the modification process is determined. The number of rerepairing welds in the same part shall not exceed 2 times.

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