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company news about This is what we did before the steel structure was installed

China Qingdao Ruly Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd certification
China Qingdao Ruly Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
This is what we did before the steel structure was installed
Latest company news about This is what we did before the steel structure was installed

The following work should be done before installation of steel structure:


1. Compile the installation and construction organization design of steel structure.Implemented and implemented after approval, the steel structure installation procedure ensures structural stability and does not cause deformation.


2. Obtained the qualified data of the inspection by the supervision unit and the general contract of the project, the installation support or the acceptance of the foundation.


3. Before installation of steel structure, the incoming members shall be checked according to the component list.Check quality certificate and design change document;The on-site assembly of large top-mounted components in the factory shall be carried out according to the qualified records of pre-assembly. The necessary technical data for the delivery of components and the layout drawings for the pre-assembly of large components shall be prepared, and the following points shall be noted.


①The components shall meet the design requirements and specifications.The main components (pillars, crane beams, roof truss, etc.) should be re-inspected.

② The coating should be prevented from damage during transportation and installation.

③The dust, snow, oil and dirt should be attached to the surface of the steel structure before installation.


4. Steel structure members shall be supplied in complete sets according to the installation procedure. The site stacking site can meet the needs of on-site assembly and sequential installation.The members with greater stiffness can be stacked horizontally, and the roof frame should be set up, close to the columns, and tied firmly.


5. The quality and quality requirements of the components, such as hole making, assembly, lamp joint, riveting and coating on the site, shall comply with the relevant regulations.


6. Check whether the components are damaged or deformed during loading, unloading, transportation and stacking.Damaged and deformed components should be corrected or reprocessed, the damaged anti-corrosion primer should be repainted, and re-inspection for acceptance.


7. Check and record the geometrical dimensions, hole making, assembly, lamp connection and friction surface of components.

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