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company news about Steel structure plant needs maintenance, these routine to know

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Company News
Steel structure plant needs maintenance, these routine to know
Latest company news about Steel structure plant needs maintenance, these routine to know

With China's rapid economic development, the status of the factory is also growing, as a direct result of _ industrial production workshop underway around the building, the steel structure workshop with beautiful modelling, the color bright eye, building shape diversity, low cost, short construction period, high degree of steel members produce factory, installation is simple, sensitive plane layout, together with a light weight steel material evenly to facilitate planning and accounting, recyclable and many other advantages, more and more in the modern industrial workshop were used in large quantities.But the steel structure workshop also has a fatal defect is not fire resistance.Steel is non-combustible material, but in the flame under the effect of high temperature, with the progress of temperature, the mechanical indexes could attack a lot of change, the bearing capacity and stability of equilibrium with the temperature rising and falling sharply, at 500 degrees Celsius, the reduction is more significant, generally in about 15 minutes will collapse due to loss of load-bearing ability.


Therefore, maintenance measures are adopted for building steel structure workshops.The first is to carry out fire-resistant maintenance on the steel components themselves, so that the fire temperature is not rapidly over the critical temperature, the specified time in the fire can also ensure the stability of the steel structure, to ensure the safety of personnel and industry;Second, the industrial workshop can be set up useful fire partition, to avoid the fire to other areas of extension and dispersion.

latest company news about Steel structure plant needs maintenance, these routine to know  0


First, steel structure industrial workshop steel member fire resistance maintenance


Because the steel members themselves meet the non-standard fire resistance rating, the corresponding fire resistance maintenance measures are adopted for the steel members due to some requirements.The commonly used fireproof maintenance measures are fireproof coating method, foaming fireproof paint method and outsourced fireproof layer method


1, fire retardant coating method

Fire retardant coating method is to spray fire retardant coating on the steel structure in order to improve its fire rating.Now, China's steel structure fire retardant coating is mainly divided into thin coating type and thick coating type two categories, that is, thin (B type, including _ thin) and thick (H type).Thin coating thickness is less than 7mm, in the fire can absorb heat swell foaming, forming a foam-like carbonized heat insulation layer, and then block the heat transfer to the steel structure, delay the increase of the temperature of the steel structure, to fire maintenance effect.Its main advantages are: thin coating, light load on the steel structure, good decorative, small area of complex shape of the surface of the steel structure of the daub work is simple than the thick type;Thick-type coating thickness is 8-50mm, the coating is heated without foaming, relying on its low thermal conductivity to delay the increase of the temperature of the steel structure, and then play the effect of fire protection maintenance.Both have different functional characteristics, separation applies to different occasions, but, no matter that kind of product all should pass detect an organization to detect qualified, just can choose.


2, foaming fire retardant paint method

Foaming fire retardant paint is a kind of flame retardant paint made from film forming agent, flame retardant agent, foaming agent and other materials.Compared with general paint, fire retardant paint is basically the same in terms of physical function. The difference is that it is boring in the future, the paint film itself is not easy to burn, in case of fire, it can delay the flame to the painted combustible, which has a certain fire protection function.


3, outsourcing fire layer method

Outsourcing fire prevention layer method is to add outsourcing layer on the surface of the steel structure, can be cast in situ molding, can also choose spraying method.Cast-in-place solid concrete outer layers are usually reinforced with wire mesh or steel reinforcement to limit shortening of cracks and ensure shell strength.The spraying method can be applied to the surface of the steel structure at the construction site to form a maintenance layer with lime cement or gypsum mortar, and can also be mixed with perlite or asbestos.Together with the outer layer can also be prefabricated with perlite, asbestos, gypsum or asbestos cement, light concrete, the selection of adhesives, nails, bolts fixed on the steel structure.


Two, steel structure industrial workshop fire partition


Fire partition refers to the part of the area (space unit) divided by fire partition measures, which can prevent the fire from extending to the rest of the same construction within a certain period of time.In the construction of the selection of fire division of this measure, can be in the building once the fire, the fire control in a certain range, reduce the loss of fire, together can provide favorable conditions for the safety of personnel scattered, fire fighting.The commonly used fire partition method has set up the firewall and set up the independent water curtain, but because of the particularity of the industrial production workshop, these two methods have defects.


1. Firewall

The firewall will be separated from the workshop to control the extension of the fire, is a common method in civil construction, but in the industrial workshop, not only because the large space of the workshop is cut after the impact of its permeability, and from the continuity of production process requirements and logistics organization in the workshop;If from the point of view of production management, it is not conducive to production management.


2. Independent water curtain

Water curtain can play the effect of firewall, with independent water curtain as fire separation, is a very good scheme.Fireproof water curtain belt should choose spray sprinkler head, can also choose rain type water curtain sprinkler head.The arrangement of water curtain nozzles should not be less than 3 rows, and the width of water curtain formed by fireproof water curtain belt should not be less than 5m.This method of separation sensitive, unlike the firewall to cut off the workshop, in theory how much span can.In normal production, _ as if it does not exist, once there is a fire demand fire separation, it can be immediately completed useful separation.But the independent water curtain for fire partition also has shortcomings: first, the water demand is large;Secondly, the fire in the workshop is often partial at the beginning. Only a few rescuers can solve the problem. At the moment, if the water curtain is started, it will cause damage to the production equipment, and the resulting loss is greater than the loss of part of the fire.Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the launching opportunity of the water curtain to avoid misoperation, so it is more appropriate to choose manual launching when planning.Then there is the trouble of useful maintenance.


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