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company news about RULY steel structure engineering construction scheme

China Qingdao Ruly Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd certification
China Qingdao Ruly Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
RULY steel structure engineering construction scheme
Latest company news about RULY steel structure engineering construction scheme

Purlin installation
1. Ground transportation of steel structure purlin
Purlins are trucked or trucked from the raw material stacking site to the crane position and then roped up for strength.
2. Vertical transportation
Strongly bound purlins shall be hoisted to their installation by site crane.Because purlin single weight is small, and is a linear rod, the binding is simple, the first time of lifting is hook and hook, in order to improve the speed of the device, choose one hook and multiple lifting method to improve the work efficiency.
3. General order of purlin device
Purlins and purlins are installed in the following order:
Purlin unit → purlin unit → roof system unit
4. Purlin device positioning
(1) According to the steel structure engineering system engineering roof panel making device specification and steel structure construction units to hand over the measurement data, confirm whether the elevation difference of the purlin anchor point needs to be adjusted, if it needs to be adjusted, the required amount of steel plate to be adjusted.The quantity is not more than three blocks, and welding treatment is used between blocks.Make the whole purlin surface reach the basic smoothness according to the plant specification.The pad shall be rust removed before installation. The coating treatment shall be in accordance with the purlin coating requirements.
(2) Positioning device of metal roof slab system shall be mainly divided into purlin bracket positioning and steel bracing positioning of purlin purlin, the device shall be strictly in accordance with the approved planning drawings.The total station and theodolite are selected to lay out the line according to the planning requirements, and the positioning line is installed on the steel support.
5. Purlin device
(1), purlin bracket positioning
Purlin is welded to steel structural beams and supports.The purlin positioning method is as follows: the steel structure engineering shall confirm the intersection line between purlin and steel structure beam according to purlin distance and axis (the positioning line that is put out and ejected), and the intersection line is the device line of purlin bracket.
(2) purlin bracket device
As shown in the figure below, after purlin is positioned, the included Angle between purlin and the plane of steel beam's wing plate should be 90°±1°, and the azimuth error should be within 5mm.In the welding process, the method to reduce the deformation should be adopted. First, symmetrical spot welding should be carried out to check the Angle of purlin. Welding should be carried out after qualified.Spot welding should be firm.The electrode diameter is 4mm, and the electrode type is E5016.The welding current should be appropriate, after the weld forming can not present pores and cracks, also can not present the edge and weld nodules, weld size should reach the planning requirements, welding wave should be uniform, weld forming should be beautiful.
⑶, anti-corrosion treatment
After welding, anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out on the welding seam and its surrounding areas. The anti-corrosion material should be selected to meet the planning requirements of the paint coating, which is required to be brushed two times.Remove the skin and dirt on the surface of the weld before corrosion protection.
(4) Fixed purlin
All purlins in this project should be connected with purlin bracket bolts. In steel structure engineering, when purlins are lifted into place, first check whether the top surface of the purlins being installed is flush with the top surface of the adjacent purlins installed. If not flush, make adjustments.Only when the height difference between the top surface of adjacent purlins is within 2mm can the bolts be tightened. During installation, the top surface of the two adjacent purlins should be adjusted as much as possible.


Cullis device
1. Gutter support device
(1) The project uses small steel to do gutter support;
(2) Install gutter support according to the planned spacing, and check whether the elevation of the top surface of the support is consistent.
2. Gutter device
(1) Segment gutter splicing, gutter butt before cutting the opening grinding clean, steel structure engineering butt pay attention to the joint gap can not _ more than 1mm, every 10cm spot welding first, confirm the satisfaction of welding requirements can be welded.The type of electrode shall be confirmed according to the base metal.The weld is formed in one pass.In order to accelerate the speed of the gutter device, two or three gutter sections can be assembled on the ground and then hoisted to the position of the device or to the near position by a 16-ton crane. This can not only improve the docking quality of the gutter, but also greatly improve the working efficiency.
(2) After gutter welding, there will often be a large deformation. In order to control the deformation caused by welding, steel structure engineering, it is necessary to choose the method of spot welding and then segmenting welding.After welding, there will be different degrees of discoloration within the range of 20mm on both sides of the weld, which should be removed immediately by grinding and polishing with cloth grinding wheel.
(3) After the gutter device is good, the bottom is flat and there is no water.
3. Gutter water test
After the gutter device of steel structure engineering is good, the gutter should be filled with water to check whether the gutter is leaking. After the gutter is not leaking, it should be tested.If it is leaking, it must be welded and repaired again at the leaking place, and polished, and then repeat the leakproof experiment until qualified.


Roof and wall molding steel plate device
In this project, 90 thick inner lined polyurethane color steel plate is to be used for the roof profile-shaped steel plate, and 70 thick inner lined insulation polyurethane color steel plate is to be used for the wall profile-shaped steel plate.
1. Basic requirements:
1, the transfer of the plate should be gently taken and put, to avoid bumping, it is strictly prohibited to mop the floor, so as not to damage the plate.
(2) First, confirm the starting point of the device, which is generally confirmed from one side to the other side according to the planning drawings and site conditions.When the device should also play the reference line, so as to avoid the accumulation of errors.
3, confirm the direction of the device, ejection from one end to the other end of the piece of device after the reference line.
The marginal lap of two parallel planes should be flat and straight, and then ensure that the indoor is beautiful.The joint direction of the panel should be away from the primary Angle of view. When the main wind direction is significant, the lap edge of the panel should be in the direction of the inferior position.
2. Method of device:
(1) Set up pedestrian walkway on purlin to ensure construction safety and construction progress.
(2) When the device is installed, the board is lifted to the roof with a crane.It is necessary to use nylon tape or cloth tape and other flexible lifting, steel belt is not allowed.Between the packing and the sling or packing should be pierced the protective wood, and then avoid the deformation of the board along.
(3), before the device should first remove the surface of the plate dry clean, and then check whether there are residues on the board, such as useful detergent and water to clean the mixture.Wipe the moisture off the surface with a dry cloth.
(4), the laying direction of the board is necessary to reverse the dominant direction of laying.In the process of roof panel installation, it is necessary to play the line at any time to prevent accumulation of errors.
(5) In the process of roof panel installation, it is necessary to keep up with the roof ridge cover plate and waterproof plug device.
The panels are sensitive to the aggregate load, so when the roof color plate construction, the construction personnel shall not gather in order to avoid the partial damage of the panel caused by the aggregate load.
The installation of roof board selection side lifting side device, at least to do the lifting roof board on the day of the installation, steel structure engineering whenever there is no installation of the end of the board, it is necessary to adopt the corresponding measures to avoid falling.
⑻, quality requirements: pressure plate size is correct, clean appearance, imperceptible concave and fold, connect straight, horizontal and horizontal lap are straight, uniform and neat joints, tight no warping, no wrong drilling holes.
3. Device of roof ridge plug and roof ridge board:
(1) Layout positioning of the beginning of the top piece of roof ridge board baseline, along the direction of the device to determine the roof ridge plug and the two sides of the roof ridge plug device control line.
(2) device roof ridge plug plate, plug plate and pressure plate contact parts are covered with waterproof glue, and then device, waterproof glue will be sealed to avoid leakage, subsequent plugging device in sequence.
(3) The top piece of roof ridge plate is installed, and the positioning of the top piece of roof ridge plate is adjusted according to the starting datum and control line.Measure and draw the positioning plate of the bent baffle plate on the roof ridge plate, cut the mouth with scissors, fix the roof ridge plate on the pressure plate with regular pull riveting, seal the fixing parts with waterproof glue, and bend the baffle plate according to the bent positioning line bent positioning line.
4, flooding, Angle, expansion joint cover device:
(1) Set the starting base line of the top block and confirm the control line of the two sides of the board along the direction of the device.
(2) The top piece of the device is adjusted and positioned according to the reference line and the control line, and is fixed on the fixed plate. The fixed part is sealed with waterproof glue to prevent leakage.
(3), on the top of the plate on the measurement of the two plate and the top of the block lap positioning line, in the lap part of the plate coated with waterproof glue, device two plate adjustment positioning, fixed parts fixed and coated with waterproof glue sealing, in order to device two plates and subsequent plates.
5, steel structure engineering wall panel device
Wall panel device process flow: wall inner plate pressing steel plate device → insulation layer device → wall outer plate color pressing steel plate device → wall color plate accessories device → wall project ending
Key process practice:
A. Before the inner plate of the wall of the construction device, the sliding frame shall be set up first, and the sliding frame shall be of suspension type.
B. Longitudinal consideration of a lap seam, lap joints should be considered in the direction of the purlin, lap length should not be less than 100MM, and the upper mouth of the lower plate should not be over the edge of the purlin.
C. It is necessary to line before the device to ensure that the plate and screw are vertical and accumulate errors

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