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company news about How to arrange portal frame support and rigid tie bar?

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China Qingdao Ruly Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
How to arrange portal frame support and rigid tie bar?
Latest company news about How to arrange portal frame support and rigid tie bar?

★ (1) In each temperature section or stage construction section, support system that can independently form a spatial stable structure should be set up respectively.

★ (2) In the opening setting the support between columns, the roof lateral support should be set at the same time to form a geometric invariant system.

★ (3) the end support should be located in the temperature section of the end of the _ or the second opening.
The spacing between the columns should be determined according to the longitudinal stress and installation conditions of the house, generally taking 30 ~ 45m;
No more than 60m with crane.

★ (4) when the height of the building is large, the support between columns should be arranged in layers;
When the width of the house is greater than 60m, the inner column should be properly supported.

★ (5) When the end support is located in the second end compartment, the corresponding position of the first compartment should be provided with a rigid tie bar.

★ (6) at the turning point of the rigid frame (the top of the side column column, the roof ridge and the top of the middle column of the multi-span rigid frame), a rigid tie bar should be set along the whole length of the house.

★ (7) For a horizontal truss composed of supporting oblique bars, the straight girdle bars should be considered as rigid tie bars.

★ (8) Rigid tie rods can be divided into purlins. At this time, the purlins should meet the bearing capacity and stiffness requirements of bending members. If not, steel pipe, H-shaped steel or other sections can be installed between the rigid frame inclined beams.


The support of the steel structure of the light housing with portal frame should be supported by cross round steel. The Angle between the round steel and the connected member should be close to 45°, not more than 30°-60°.

The round steel should be connected with beam and column web by special connector, and fixed by tensioning after correction and positioning.
Tightening means had better use flower basket screw.
In the span of a bridge crane with lifting weight greater than 15t, the support between columns shall be set in accordance with the requirements of Section of Chapter 2.
When there is a crane of not less than 5T in the building, the section steel support should be used for the support between the columns.
When inter-column bracing is not allowed in the building, longitudinal rigid frames shall be provided

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