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company news about Application of H beam in steel structure building

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Company News
Application of H beam in steel structure building
Latest company news about Application of H beam in steel structure building

Speaking of H-beam, I have to think of channel steel, because H-beam and channel steel have a lot of similarities.Section steel is strip steel with sectional shape and standard.Section steel according to the shape of section can be divided into section steel and disordered section steel, the section steel mainly refers to square steel, round steel, flat steel, Angle steel, hexagonal steel and so on;Disordered steel section refers to I-beam, channel, rail, window frame steel, curve section steel, etc.However, in general, the national standard steel is generally rolled, including H-beam, I-beam, channel, Angle, etc., this kind of steel member planning generally choose steel structure planning specifications, and a cold bending processing, such as H-beam, Z-beam, rectangular steel, etc.

In daily life, is usually divided into C beam, H beam, I-beam, L beam, etc., from the production process, compared with the traditional channel steel, H-beam in the same strength can save 30% of the data, because H-beam is processed by hot rolled plate cold bending, light wall thickness, light weight, good cross-section performance, high strength.

A characteristic of H - beams and channel steels is the shape of their sections.In fact, H-beam is a kind of cold-formed channel steel with inner curls, so we can know that H-beam section has curls, while the channel is straight.From this point of view, H-beam and channel are still very different.

In practical application, H-beam can be mainly used for the connection between roof and structural beam, but also can be used as a load-bearing structure in light steel structure buildings.In short, H-beam can be seen everywhere in a steel structure building and plays an indispensable role. If you need more detailed introduction, such as specifications, models, thickness and other issues, please continue to find us


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