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company news about About Steel Structure

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China Qingdao Ruly Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
About Steel Structure
Latest company news about About Steel Structure

The characteristics of steel structure


1. The dead weight of steel structure is light

2. The reliability of steel structure is high

3 steel vibration (shock) resistance, impact resistance is good

4. The industrial degree of steel structure manufacturing is higher

The steel structure can be assembled accurately and quickly

6 easy to make sealing structure

Steel structure is easy to corrode

8 Steel structure has poor fire resistance


Grades and properties of steels commonly used in steel structures


Carbon structural steel: Q195, Q215, Q235, etc

Low alloy high strength structural steels

High quality carbon structural steels and alloy structural steels

Special-purpose steels


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Main steel structure technology content


1. High-rise steel structure technology

According to the height and design requirements of the building, frame, frame support, cylinder and giant frame structure are adopted respectively, whose members can be made of steel, reinforced concrete or concrete filled steel tube.The steel component is light in weight and has good ductility. It can be welded steel or rolled steel, which is suitable for super-high building layer.Reinforced concrete member stiffness, good fire performance, suitable for high-rise buildings or the bottom structure;Concrete-filled steel tube is easy to construct and only used for column structure.


2. Space steel structure technology

The space steel structure has the advantages of light weight, large stiffness, beautiful shape and fast construction speed.The spherical joint flat grid, multi-layer variable section grid and reticulated shell with steel tube as rod are the most used structural types of space steel structures in China.It has the advantages of large space stiffness and low steel quantity, and can provide complete CAD in design, construction and inspection procedures.In addition to the grid structure, there are large span suspension cable structure, cable membrane structure and so on.


3. Light steel structure technology

The new structural form is composed of walls and roof encloses with light colored steel plates.The light steel structure system is composed of large-section thin-wall H-beam and roof purlin welded or rolled steel plate of more than 5mm, flexible support system made of round steel and high-strength bolt connection. The column distance can be from 6m to 9m, the span can be up to 30m or more, the height can be up to more than ten meters, and the light lifting four can be set.The steel quantity is 20 ~ 30kg/m2.Now there are standardized design procedures and professional production enterprises, product quality is good, fast installation, light weight, less investment, construction is not restricted by season, suitable for various light industrial plants.


4. Steel concrete composite structure technology

The beam and column bearing structure composed of section steel or steel management and concrete members is steel-concrete composite structure, which has been applied more and more widely in recent years.The composite structure has the advantages of both steel and concrete, the overall strength, rigidity and seismic performance is good, when the outer concrete structure is used, it has better fire resistance and corrosion resistance.The combined structural members can generally reduce the amount of steel used by 15 ~ 20%.The composite floor and concrete-filled steel tube members also have the advantages of less or no formwork support, convenient and rapid construction, and great promotion potential.It is suitable for the frame beam, column and floor of multi-storey or high-rise building, industrial building column and floor, etc.


5. High strength bolt connection and welding technology

The high strength bolt is made up of three parts: bolt, nut and washer, which transfer stress through friction.High strength bolt connection has the advantages of simple construction, flexible dismantling, high bearing capacity, good fatigue resistance and self-locking, and high safety. In engineering, it has replaced riveting and partial welding, and become the main means of connection in the production and installation of steel structures.For steel components manufactured in the workshop, thick plates shall be welded by automatic multi-wire arc welding, and box column dividers shall be welded by melt nozzle electroslag welding, etc.Semi-automatic welding technology, gas shielded flux-cored welding wire and self-shielded flux-cored welding wire technology shall be adopted in site installation and construction.


6. Steel structure protection technology

The protection of steel structure includes fire prevention, corrosion prevention and rust prevention. Generally, it is not necessary to make anti-rust treatment after the treatment of fire retardant coating, but it is still necessary to make anti-corrosion treatment in the building with corrosive gas.There are many kinds of fire retardant coatings in China, such as TN series, MC-10, etc., among which MC-10 fire retardant coatings include alkyd enamel, chlorinated rubber paint, fluorine rubber paint and chlorosulfonated paint.In the construction, the appropriate coating and coating thickness should be selected according to the type of steel structure, fire resistance grade and environmental requirements.


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Objectives and measures of steel structure


Steel structure engineering involves a wide range of technical difficulties, in the promotion and application must follow the national and industrial standards.The local administrative departments of construction should pay attention to the construction of the specialized stage of steel structure engineering, organize the training of quality inspection team, and summarize the work practice and the application of new technology in time.Colleges and universities, design departments and construction enterprises should accelerate the training of steel structure engineers and technicians, and popularize the mature steel structure CAD.The mass academic organizations should cooperate with the development of steel structure technology, widely carry out academic exchanges and training activities at home and abroad, and actively improve the overall level of the design, manufacture, construction and installation technology of steel structure in the near future.


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